We work with our clients to strategically manage key marketing services. As part of our integrated marketing model, we oversee all aspects of our clients’ brand, reputation and digital media efforts. We do this through focused, results-driven planning and execution.

We began our firm in 2014 as Ruff Draft Solutions, providing social media management for small businesses. As we worked with clients, we realized that there was a need for someone to help them with integrating all of their digital marketing efforts. The opportunity for our expertise to completely transform our fastest-growing clients’ digital presence became apparent.

As a result, in 2016 we rebranded our business, becoming INTEGR8 Marketing LLC to provide a full spectrum of digital marketing options.

Today, our team works closely with small to mid-sized companies as an outsourced member of the core team, partnering together to collaborate and promote business growth.

With INTEGR8 on your team, your company will benefit from strategic digital marketing initiatives that produce efficient and powerful results on demand and on budget.

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Why INTEGR8 Marketing?

INTEGR8 is your outsourced marketing expert. Our team of innovative digital creators will develop and execute strategic solutions to grow your business.

Consider the INTEGR8 Approach:

We are your partners. When we enter into a relationship with a business, we see ourselves as an extension of you. We get to know your brand so well that even future engagements require minimum set-up time.

We grow alongside you. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how quickly growth can happen, instantly scaling your marketing needs overnight. That’s why we commit to working together with our clients to develop and adapt new marketing strategies according to unique needs.

When we say “integrated,” we mean it. With e-Commerce, social media and mobile browsing continually increasing, it’s more important than ever to integrate your marketing initiatives. At INTEGR8, we stand by our name.

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